Creative Expression for Addiction Recovery

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Creative Expression for Addiction Recovery

After “sending” her old view through her meaning machine, a large heart filled with brightly-colored segments “came out” the other side. When you assess that a client’s view of their situation is self-defeating, it can be really helpful to walk them toward a reframe. The Meaning Machine drawing series serves as a springboard for learning how internalized messages, polarized thinking, and unprocessed emotion (i.e. guilt or shame) can keep us stuck in a rut. I chose a machine metaphor because of the way machines are designed to solve problems. There are so many variations for how to use boxes and containers in your work with adults. For the purposes of this exercise, I prefer to use these small premade cardboard boxes that get assembled by hand (see below).

creative expression activities for adults in recovery

Dual Diagnosis: Mental Health and Addiction Treatment?

Art therapy in recovery is not limited to any age group or socioeconomic class. And it has worked well for treating mental health concerns for adults, children, individuals, families, and couples. The Meaning Machine Series is an art therapy directive that allows clients to explore their frame on a particular issue, as well as what meaning they are assigning to things related to that issue. They get the opportunity to define and redefine their meaning around a given stressor or problem in order to work toward healing. While there are countless art therapy activities for adults that could work well, these 5 art directives include some of my favorites.

  • Hayley has worked in the mental health field for 20+ years, helping both clients and clinicians.
  • This is a key step in our healing—to learn that what we think logically may not match how we feel, and that’s okay.
  • In this article, we will discuss expressive arts therapy by explaining the interventions used and the difference between expressive arts therapy and creative arts therapies.
  • The programs that are offered here at Sabino have been truly phenomenal in helping me recover.
  • The physical act of molding and shaping can be cathartic, allowing individuals to externalize and transform their emotions.

Working with Art Therapists

We also offer a free, lifelong alumni program to ensure ongoing support and success. Art can not only help you deal with the bad stuff, but also help you appreciate and focus on the good. Check out these activities all about reflecting on your personal happiness. In a world where the pace of life often seems to accelerate, and the demands on our mental and emotional well-being can feel overwhelming. She found respite in her heroin use, and fully escaped the only way she knew how.

  • In other words, the therapist provides the materials, equipment, and media required to facilitate a client’s creative expression during the therapy session.
  • You could also have your client craft their own box out of cardstock or cardboard, too.
  • We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals.
  • All you need to create zentangles are some pens and/or pencils and some paper.
  • If you’re creating a self-care box, have the participants add items that represent to them the idea of support and self-help.
  • There are a variety of experiential therapy activities that can be used such as animal-assisted therapy, acting and role-playing, arts and crafts, music and dance and guided imagery techniques.

Painting, Drawing or Mixed Media

We will begin by understanding what art and music therapy is and what it can offer to individuals in recovery. Then, we will explore the unique benefits that art and music therapy can provide, backed up by research studies and expert opinions. This article delves into the captivating realm of creative recovery, an approach that harnesses the power of artistic expression as a therapeutic outlet. Through the strokes of a brush, the words on a page, or the melodies art therapy for addiction of a song, creative recovery offers a unique and transformative path towards personal growth and emotional healing. Engaging in creative and expressive arts therapy provides individuals with a means to regulate their mood and emotions while discovering creative outlets for self-expression. These tools can be especially beneficial for those undergoing treatment for substance use disorders, offering alternative avenues to avoid relapse into drug or alcohol use.

  • Due to the symbolic value of these characteristics, the box has been utilized throughout art history.
  • The center is a part of a local mental health organization that helps the homeless in securing permanent housing.
  • These situations can be hard to put into words, but rather than talk it out and risk giving inaccurate descriptions, you can draw it out.

Once they have all of their symbols inside the box, I ask them to take them out, one at a time, and talk about each one. I give the clients various drawing tools (these sharpies work really well on the boxes), cardstock in various colors, and I also like to offer these brightly colored index cards. I instruct them to decorate the outside in ways that represent how they show who they are to the world.

creative expression activities for adults in recovery

  • The activity leader explains the feeling of isolation or overwhelmingness and how light can be a guide back to feelings of hope.
  • It involves understanding the psychological, emotional, and physical effects that these creative expressions can have on an individual.
  • This activity allowed us to explore the parts of ourselves that we were holding onto, both positive and negative.

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